The Meadow

Never tell a meadow,
That oaks cry in the wind,
With wooded glades;
That dance on sun drenched days,
O’ let me grow and grow, forever days,
Just like those wooded glades.

Wonderful Waterways

A canal ramble

So I’ve ventured out on a fine sunny Saturday morning down the canal, I’m actually writing this as I’m walking and stopping. A pleasant walk along the towpath is one of the most simplistic of pleasures, with the added bonus of nature in full bloom at this time of the year, and seeing wildlife effortlessly swimming up and down the canal without a care in the world, if us humans watched wildlife more intently, then maybe we could learn a thing or two.


New blog!

So I’ve decided to start a blog! I’ve been in and amongst the social media sphere for a while now, either on Facebook, Twitter, and even Google plus before the rug was pulled from under it. I’m still on Facebook, but I’m looking at coming away from that gradually now, I just feel that nothing is real on there anymore, and the whole place has turned into a huge fake news forum, and if I’m being honest become detached from reality!